Blue Birchen Marans

Blue Birchen Marans

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A mix of Blue, Black, and Splash Birchen Marans chicks  BREED INFO HERE   Local pick up available in southwest Virginia.  Local orders- order through website, shipping will be refunded.

We offer day old chicks (straight run, no sexing available), started pullets (4 to 12 weeks of age), and Point-of-Lay Hens (nearly full grown). Grow outs available twice yearly: Late summer (Aug/Sept), and Late Winter (Feb/March).

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Chicks sold at day old, straight run (a mix of males and females) unless otherwise noted. 
Started pullets will be over 4 weeks of age, when they can be reliably sexed.   Please be patient when ordering pullets, especially March through May. 
Shipping subject to weather conditions.  After placing your order, you will be contacted with a ship date.  We guarantee live arrival of day old chicks.  All chicks are vaccinated for Marek's unless otherwise requested.