Crested Cream Legbar

Crested Cream Legbar

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Crested Ceam Legbar chicks.  Selectively bred from Jill Rees and production lines to produce a large number of sky blue eggs.  This breed is calm and curious.  They are light weight, but produce a large size egg with excellent feed efficiency.  BREED INFO HERE

This is an autosexing breed. You may choose the sex of your chicks.

Local pick up available.  Order through here, and shipping charges will be refunded (minus the charge for the box) after pick up.  $80 minimum order.

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Auto-sexing breed.  These chicks can be sexed at hatch.  Guaranteed no roosters unless you order them. 
Shipping is weather dependent.  Once you place your order we will contact you with a ship date.  We guarantee live delivery of day old chicks.  All chicks are vaccinated for Marek's disease unless otherwise requested.