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We have finished hatching for the season! The hens tend to have a slow decline in egg production with the shorter day length. We allow them to rest for several months, then bring them back into laying after the winter. We will be hatching again in late winter, depending on conditions. Please check back with us in February. We will again be hatching the following breeds in 2019:

Crested Cream Legbar
Lavender Marans             
Black Copper Marans     
Blue Birchen Marans      
Silver Laced Orpington  
Gold Laced Orpington     
Blue Buff Columbian Orpingtons 
Silverudd's Blue  (Isbar)
Olive Eggers



We raise the chicks from the first few hatches of the season to see how the next generation is developing. Some of these pullets will be available as they grow out. If you are interested in young grow outs, please e-mail us to be on the list. There is very limited availability for these pullets, and we do not take requests.

Please order through our shopping page.  

Locals (no shipping needed), email us to set up a time for pick-up. Minimum of $60 purchaseAvailable to residents of the New River Valley of Virginia and 1 hour radius ONLY

We now ship day old chicks to HAWAII (additional shipping charges apply).  E-mail for more information.   Your order will take at least 2 weeks for shipping, to allow for proper state paperwork.  Please DO NOT order started pullets- they cannot be shipped to your state at this time.