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Taking orders for (almost) all breeds.  New roosters are being tried out and test hatched for the Silverudd's and the DSL Barnevelders.  We are still having an issue with egg eaters in our Blue Birchen Maran pen- so these are very limited until we catch the culprit!

Bielefelder, (next available Aug 27th)  
Crested Cream Legbar, (Aug 20th)
Lavender Marans              (max 3 per order)
Black Copper Marans      (max 3 per order)
Blue Birchen Marans       (max 3 per order)
Silver Laced Orpington   (next available Aug 20th)
Gold Laced Orpington      (next hatch Aug 12)
Blue Buff Columbian Orpingtons  (first available Aug 16)
Silverudd's Blue  (first available Aug 16th)


These "point-of-lay" pullets will be ready for their new homes in late August, early September.  You can order now, and they will ship when ready.  A limited few will be ready earlier and can ship when the weather permits.  Available inventory will be updated as we are able to determine sex.  Once sold out, we will not have hens again until February.

These hens have been raised with no medications.  They free range daily.  They have been vaccinated for Marek's disease.  

We will be delivering these hens to selected cities.  While there is a fee, it is considerably less than shipping, and less stressful.  E-mail for dates to BALTIMORE, PHILADELPHIA, CHARLOTTE, AND WASHINGTON DC/NOVA.


***Spitzhauben (Pullets) are not available for ordering at this time.  Spitzhauben chicks are available on request only.  They will be set and custom hatched.  Allow for 3 weeks from time of purchase for delivery.


Please order through our shopping page.  

Locals (no shipping needed), place your order through the website.  Your shipping charges will be returned after pick up.  Available to residents of the New River Valley of Virginia and 1 hour radius ONLY,

We now ship day old chicks to HAWAII (additional shipping charges apply).  E-mail for more information.   Your order will take at least 2 weeks for shipping, to allow for proper state paperwork.  Please DO NOT order started pullets- they cannot be shipped to your state at this time.