Now Available

All breeds are now hatching.  Taking orders for March 26th:

Blue Birchen Marans
Black Copper Marans (limited)
Double Silver Laced Barnevelders
Lavender Marans (limited)
Silverudd's Blue (Isbar)
Crested Cream Legbar
Silver Laced Orpingtons (limited)
Silver Spangled Spitzhaubens

The following young hens are available:
Barred Rock
Rhode Island Red

We are now taking orders for started pullets.  These are 4+ weeks old and can be sexed.  Please be patient when ordering pullets.  If ordering multiple breeds, pullets may be shipped separately.

Please order through our shopping page.  

Locals (no shipping), order via email:  DocWally@thundercreekfarm.com