Delaware Rooster, This one is Sarge.  We liked him and his brother so much, we kept both and alternate who lives in the bachelor pad.


The Barnevelder is a Dutch breed which traces back to the 19th century.  These are sturdy birds of good size which lay large brown eggs.  Unlike some breeds, they lay through winter and are very cold hearty.

The color variety we breed is the double silver laced Barnevelder.  The hens show exquisite white lacing on deeply colored black feathers and are truly elegant.  Like Audrey Hepburn in black evening gown and pearls, they are just lovely.  The males do not have this lacing, but boast iridescent black feathers and have that "Black-tie" feel about their look.  A bantam variety exists in this breed, as well as the large fowl.  We are breeding only the large fowl at this time.