2019 Hatching season starts!

We have been waiting for a break in the weather, and it looks like this weeks is it!  The first eggs were set yesterday, and we will continue to set every week until the summer.  


Breeds available for 2019: 

German Bielefelder  

Crested Cream Legbar

Double Silver Laced Barnevelder

Lavender Marans

Blue Birchen Marans

Black Copper Marans

Silver Laced Orpington

Olive Egger


We have made the decision to focus on our day old chicks, and will not sell any grow outs this year.   

The Silverudd's Blue were such a wonderful breed, but have been problematic.  The first imports (Green Fire Farms) have great egg color and type, but poor health. The second imports appeared to have been crossed out and while they were healthier, they deviated from type.  We will keep our SB pen, and work to improve the breed over the next few years.  We will not offer these chicks until we are satisfied with what they produce. 


If you have placed an order for chicks, you will get updates as we incubate.  First hatch chicks pictures can be found here, or on our Instagram page:  @thundercreekfarm