2018 Hatching has begun

The hens have decided winter is over, and everybody is laying!  We've been setting eggs for 4 weeks now, and have had great hatches, despite the unpredictable weather.  

This time of year is always so exciting for us here at the farm.  We just can't wait to see all of the newly hatched chicks!  We have also been growing a whole flock of young pullets and roos to pick our new breeding stock from.  After we make our selection of keepers, we sell off the rest.  These are now available for sale.

It may still be early to be thinking of ordering chicks, but our hatches are spoken for quickly!  If you are thinking of ordering, but want to schedule for a later date, you can indicate that by e-mailing me directly (DrWally@thundercreekfarm.com). 

We will again be offering grow outs this year in most of our breeds.  We will list them as they become available on THIS PAGE.  We can take advanced orders on grow outs as well- e-mail us to arrange this.  Grow outs offer the guarantee that you will get only females if you are trying to avoid any roosters.  They are also well started, and don't require much heat.  They will be 4 to 6 weeks old, depending on breed (some take longer to show which sex they are).  They ship very well, as they can tolerate variations in temperature.  All grow outs sell for $50/pullet (female), plus shipping cost.  If ordering only one, we will keep her until a minimum of 2 pounds in weight to allow for safe shipping.  




Tanya Hypes