Welcome to our farm

Thank you for finding our website, the window into our little world.  We wish we could share this place with everyone buying chicks from our flock.  Our little farm is in the New River Valley of Virginia, in the Appalachian mountains. 

I started keeping chickens about 15 years ago, when I took in 3 hens who needed a new home.  I quickly acquired more birds to feather out the flock.  As with most who keep chickens, I found new breeds along the way that caught my eye, and I got to know a bit about each of them as they were added to my flock.

I was surprised at how easy it was to keep chickens!  The food and water is filled up weekly, and the eggs collected daily.  They can be left for a few days when I go out of town.  It is easy to ask a neighbor to come get the eggs for you...just pay them in eggs! 

If you are considering keeping a small backyard flock, let me encourage you to do it!  The eggs will never taste better.  Chickens don't require much of your time or space, and give so much back in return.  The hens are so peaceful to watch as they roam about the yard, making their cooing noises.  Getting a variety of breeds makes for a more interesting flock, and decoration for your garden or yard.

If you've made it this far into the blog post, thanks!  I'm not much of a writer, preferring to tackle the farm chores outside and off-line.  I'm available for questions via e-mail, and by phone if you prefer.  TTFN




Tanya Hypes