Honey extraction

I was too busy this August to write about our bees.  Our hives did very well this year, despite my relative inexperience.  One hive swarmed, but I was able to recapture them and both the hive they split from, and the swarm have produced large amounts of honey.  We waited until the end of the season to extract honey, being careful to leave them plenty of stores for winter.  What you see below is the result of their efforts in honey making, and our first time extracting!  It was sticky but sweet fun, and well worth the time.  

A special thank you to the New River Valley Beekeepers Association for the borrowed equipment.  If anyone is interested in learning more about keeping bees, I highly recommend contacting your local beekeepers club.  I don't think my hives would have fared too well without the expert advice from the NRVBA members.



Tanya Hypes