Our Farm Helpers

If I haven't mentioned this before, I have a job off the farm.  It's not really a day job, since I work nights.  I am an Emergency Veterinarian at a small animal practice.  That's right, chickening is actually just a hobby.  A very, very time consuming one!  

One of the perks of being a Veterinarian is the late night phone call to come to the rescue of some little critter.  A few weeks ago, a friend found 2 orphan kittens.  One had already died, and the other needed fostering.  With 2 young girls who are obsessed with all things "baby animal" in the house, there was no way I was turning away this little bundle of need and fleas!  The moment the girls saw her take that bottle, I knew she was a keeper in our house.

Now, the only thing better than getting a kitten, is getting TWO kittens.  Our little kitten needed a friend.  Hopefully, at least one of them will help keep the mouse population in check!

Introducing our new mousers:  Nike Bales, and Whiskey Thief.  



Nike Bales (left), Whiskey Thief (right)

Nike Bales (left), Whiskey Thief (right)

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