The Orpingtons come from England and are the largest and calmest chickens we breed.  They are great layers of light brown jumbo eggs.  Many color varieties are available.  We breed the Silver Laced Orpingtons, and are working on Blue Buff Columbian lines now.  These are English Orpingtons which breed true for large size, calm disposition, full feather skirts, and cold heartiness.  The silver lacing is crisp and clean, even on the roosters. 

These birds are slow growing and take time to mature.  They are extremely docile and make excellent pets for children.  Though large, the roosters are not aggressive.  They like to get out of the pen to stretch their legs, but do not range far.  They do not fly over fences, but stay to the confines of a yard very well.  They do need vigilant protection from predators if allowed to roam as they are not quick and agile.