The German Bielefelder (pronounced BEEL-felder) is a remarkable breed.  Not only are they striking to look at, and impressively large, they are prolific producers of jumbo-sized brown eggs.  The chicks grow fast and are very hardy.  They are friendly and calm birds, which makes them very easy to work with, even for first-time chicken keepers. 

These birds originated in the 1970's, in the Westphalia region of Germany, and are named for the town of Bielefeld.  Often called the "Uber" chicken, they were designed through selective breeding to be an all-purpose bird which excels in growth, feed efficiency, early maturity, and egg production.  This makes them truly an asset on the farm.  They are an auto-sexing breed, which means the males and females can be identified at hatch.  Unlike sex-linked crosses, this breed continues to maintain that trait through generations.  The first imports were brought to this country by Green Fire Farms, and we maintain stock directly from their lines.