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Small batch breeding of rare poultry

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About Us


The farm here on Thunder Creek has been in the Hypes family for 125 years.  Our girls are the 6th generation raised on this land.  During it's history, the farm has been home to a small dairy, beef cows, pigs, and now bees and poultry.  While chickens have always been kept here on the farm, we have dedicated our time and effort to select and improve breeds that are rare beauties and capture the attention of both experienced and new chicken enthusiasts.  We guarantee the health of our flock and any chicks we send to you. 

When not working with the chickens here on the farm, Tanya (Doctor Wally) is an Emergency Veterinarian.  Before attending Vet school, she worked in the poultry industry and towards a Master's degree in Poultry Nutrition.  


Our Breeds





Day Old Chicks

We are not currently hatching.  Our hens are taking a rest and will be ready soon.  We will have chicks available at the beginning of February.  Check back or join our mailing list for updates.

Started Growouts

Currently available the week of 12/4/17:

Blue Birchen Marans (1 black, 2 splash, unsexed),
Double Silver Laced Barnevelders (3 unsexed),
Legbar (4 pullets, 1 cockerel)
Bielefelder (6 pullets, 1 cockerel) 
Isbar (1 black pullet, 1 black cockerel)
Barred Rock (12 pullets)
Rhode Island Red (10 pullets)
Olive Egger (1 pullet, 1 cockerel)

E-mail for custom quote on shipping.  LOCAL:  e-mail to arrange pick up.


Point of Lay hens

Currently available the week of 12/4/17:

Bielefelder, 5
Isbar, 1 black
Legbar, 2

E-mail for custom quote on shipping.  LOCALS:  e-mail to arrange pick up.