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About the Farm

The farm here on Thunder Creek has been in the Hypes family for 125 years.  Our girls are the 6th generation raised on this land.  During it's history, the farm has been home to a small dairy, beef cows, pigs, and now bees and poultry.  While chickens have always been kept here on the farm, we have dedicated our time and effort to select and improve breeds that are rare beauties and capture the attention of both experienced and new chicken enthusiasts.  We guarantee the health of our flock and any chicks we send to you. 

Our Breeds



The German Bielefelder (pronounced BEEL-felder) is a remarkable breed.  Not only are they striking to look at, and impressively large, they are prolific producers of extra large, brown eggs.  The chicks grow fast and are very hardy.  They are friendly and calm birds, which makes them very easy to work with, even for first-time chicken keepers. 

These birds originated in the 1970's, in the Westphalia region of Germany, and are named for the town of Bielefeld.  Often called the "Uber" chicken, they were designed through selective breeding to be an all-purpose bird which excels in growth, feed efficiency, early maturity, and egg production.  This makes them truly an asset on the farm.  They are an auto-sexing breed, which means the males and females can be identified at hatch.  Unlike sex-linked crosses, this breed continues to maintain that trait through generations.  The first imports were brought to this country by Green Fire Farms, and we maintain stock directly from their lines. 


Crested Cream Legbar

The Crested Cream Legbar is a blue egg laying, auto-sexing breed.  They originate in Britain, where they were created (accidentally) when crossing Gold Legbar hens with a White Leghorn. This resulted in the cream colored bird we now know.

The breed was standardized in 1958, but the numbers dwindled along with the popularity of the blue egg.  The breed was rescued from obscurity and are now becoming popular for their many fine qualities.

This a slender, elegant breed.  They have a small feather crest behind their comb.  They are excellent layers, averaging 180-200 eggs per year of medium to large sized, sky blue to blue-green eggs.


A blue Isbar hen.  The Isbars in this line are Black, Blue and Splash.

A blue Isbar hen.  The Isbars in this line are Black, Blue and Splash.

Blue Isbar

Isbars (pronounced ICE-bar), hail from Sweden.  They are a small bird, though not a bantam breed, and lay large green eggs.  The egg size is more impressive given their size.  They are excellent fliers, making them a good option for free ranging.  They are smart and train easily, though they tend to be wary of strangers.

The chicks will be a mix of black, blue, and splash.  This line of Isbars comes from Green Fire Farms.  

Scarlet, a daughter of our foundation bitch, Cedar.

Scarlet, a daughter of our foundation bitch, Cedar.


We currently own two Briards- Cedar, our first and who we consider our foundation bitch, and Josey, her daughter. 

Briards are a French herding dog.  In their native country, they are used to keep sheep on the graze- areas of grass in between crops or on the side of the road.  They act as a portable fence, keeping the sheep where they should be, and out of trouble.  On our farm, the Briards keep watch over the free ranging flock.  They deter predators, and push the chickens back towards the pasture where they should be.

We are not currently breeding any litters at this time.

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